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At Placeme we place you first in everything we do…
Our consultants will provide you with detailed information about overseas study destinations. They will also talk to you about the Universities, Institute of Technology & Polytechnics(ITP), Private Tertiary Establishments(PTE) in New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Australia and the programmes they offer. Our consultants can work with you in developing a career pathway that is best suited to what you want to do after you have finished studying abroad. When you provide us with the necessary documents we will complete your student visa application and your application to the Universities you have selected to study abroad. Once you are ready to depart we will invite you to take part in a pre-departure seminar where all of your questions about the country and the institution can be answered. Finally we will support you throughout your international study with in-country visits by our staff to meet with you and the institution faculty to ensure your study is fulfilling the career pathway you have chosen to follow. We are your ultimate guide to Education Overseas.

Visa applications

Placeme Consultants will process visa applications for individuals who are interested in furthering their studies or work opportunities abroad through education and migration. Each application is unique as is the conditions under which a visa will be granted. The conditions under which an application is filed is subject to change without notification making it important for you to work with knowledgeable consultants such as those at placeme who understand the process and conditions. Please visit the student visas page or the types of visas page for processing and application requirements.

Study Destination

Our Consultants are very knowledgeable about New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Australia & what they can offer you in the way of programmes to study, institutions and what it would be like to study and live in the country of your choice.

Our Consultants have first-hand experience of the countries you may be considering as a study destination. Our Consultants work very closely with various organisations, Government Departments and educational institutions in New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Australia. We can provide you with study destination information that will allow you to make an informed decision regarding international study that best suits your future career options.

Career advice

We will help you find an international destination with the right work and lifestyle opportunities. Our consultants provide assistance with tailoring your CV to reflect your skills and experience. Our consultants will also prepare you visa application, your travel and accommodation requirement to ensure you are relaxed, excited and happy before you leave home and when you reach your destination.

Because of our Consultant’s extensive knowledge and past experience with migration and visa procedures we know the specific information and documentation required that will assist you in gaining a successful outcome from your application.

By providing the appropriate information in the first instance we are confident that the people processing your application will have the correct information required for processing your application immediately. This attention to detail from our Consultants will increase the chance of success for your application and prevent possible complications further on in the process.

Language coaching

We provide coaching for IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. We can help you gain suitable language skills to be successful in an overseas country. Our class sizes are small for more intensive, personalised learning and lessons are available in the evenings and weekends. We believe in keeping the same structure and format as the originally prescribed coaching methods adopted by the British council, understanding the exam format beforehand and identifying specific coaching needs, helps us prepare our candidates to be ready for the upcoming examination.

We keep our coaching class size small to facilitate interaction between the tutor and the candidate. We believe that the smaller class facilitates communication between candidates and the tutor and between the candidates themselves. For more information and details, please contact us – we are there to help you.